Welcome to Burgundria an empire that spans the Old World from the northern forests to the southern city states of Rodinium. A proud and civilized nation that has brought the savage world of the past to heal.

Yet for all this glory It is an uncertain time, and while modernity is on the rise the enchantment of the past has not yet entirely vanished. Magic is known but rarely practiced. The once insurmountable political force of the Church of Lathander Morninglord is slowly losing influence to the rise of bankers and merchants. The reverence for the glittering mail worn by knights of noble lineage is fading. The new armies clamor for black powder weapons and care not for the dwindling fortunes of the fading dynasties. In truth for all of the Empire’s boasting of having tamed the continent, edges of the map are still faded and uncertain. The forests hold an ancient feeling of malice and mystery and most refuse to venture far outside the town walls.

Not you, however. You are part of a rare group of people who feel some call to a receding past. Inspired by heroes of old and tales of forgotten lore you have set out for adventure and are braving the dark lands between the cities. Maybe you seek to uncover the forgotten arcane arts of the Undying Pharoahs of Ej-tep? Or perhaps you are one of the last Paladins, refusing to take up the dishonorable blackpowder guns?

Whatever it is, you may soon regret your romantic notions.

The mists are closing in. Phantoms of a forgotten history are resurfacing . . . and with them pain, sorrow, and death . . . and behind it all something dark and terrible lurks . . .

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Curse of Strahd

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