Preferred Archetypes: None
Discouraged Archetypes: The Gothic horror trope tends to deal with civilization being threatened by forces intent on destroying it, forces of death, nature, lust, madness, etc. the Barbarian does not have this conflict and belongs to a pre-medieval world, one these characters have left behind


Preferred Archetype: Battlemaster, Banneret, Champion
Discouraged Archetypes: Eldritch Knight

Fighter Character Concepts:

Battlemaster Fighter Mercenary Veteran background
As the Holy Empire of Burgundria gives over increasingly to bankers and less to the church, and as armor increasingly becomes less important due to black powder weapons, cheap lightly armored mercenaries are more and more filling the ranks that was once given to the professional knights.
Recommended Feat: Great Weapon Fighter
A discharged general from the Emperor’s’ army
Banneret Fighter, soldier background


Discouraged Archetype: All, picturing a romantic/victorian version of the Eastern monk only conjures up the nightmares of Edward Said in my mind. I could see a place for a secret society of Undead slayers. Check out the Sun Soul, the Long Death, or Way of Shadow

Monk Character Concept

Initiate of the 7th Golden Ray of Light of the Rose
Monk: Sunsoul (secret society of undead hunters) Criminal (Spy variant) Background
Recommended Feat: Mage Slayer


Preferred Archetype: Devotion, Vengeance, Crown
Discouraged Archetypes: Oathbreaker, Ancients

Paladin Character Concept:

Peer of the Order of the Aster:
Paladin, Knight of the Order Background
The knightly orders are growing increasingly obsolete as the power of the church wains, and their inclusion in Imperial affairs has been reduced to paltry lip service. You have watched helplessly as the bankers have become the only ones to truly have the king’s ear. Yet you stand unswervingly to prove that the ancient Lathanderian order has not left the world yet.
Recommended Feat: Heavy Armor Master


Preferred Archetype: All (Consider using a musket, in which case the Beastmaster has a leg up after 5th when you can bypass loading your weapon by having your companion attack) Also if you want to play a no magic ranger consider the scout Fighter archetype in Unearthed Arcana: Kits of Old

Ranger Character Concept:

Werewolf hunter:
Beastmaster Ranger, haunted one background, wolf companion and musket
Hailing from the Great Darkenwood that covers most of the Northern reaches of the empire you live on the edge of civilization. You made your living trapping during the summers, while in the dark winters the baying of wolves kept you shuttered in doors and told tales of the wolves of the forest that walked like men. When your betrothed house was attacked by wolves you rushed into to save your love, only to realize these were not mere wolves but werewolves, and your betrothed was succumbing to their curse. You fought them off and rushed your love to the vistani camp. They could not dispel the curse, but were able to fend off the darkness that infects a werewolf, and instead turned them into a wolf. They now accompany you in silent wolf form, their humanity almost completely gone, but still knowing to help you hunt down all the werewolves you can find.
Suggested Feat: Sharpshooter


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