The Faithful


Preferred Archetype: Lathander the Morninglord is the default god who has domains of Light and Healing. Think of the Cleric (and Paladin classes) as very crypto-Christian. God is remote and mostly make promises of eternal life after death for the pure and damnation for the evil and wicked. Undead are deeply hated by the Church of Lathander (If you want to make your own God to worship think of a title like The Hanged God, Lady of Heaven, or The Holy of Holies) Also you could be part of an order dedicated to a particular saint of soldiers(War) Sailors (Tempest) or a hermit order (Nature)
Discouraged Archetypes: Arcana, Trickery, Death, and Knowledge have class features that don’t really feel like a worshiper of a medieval quasi-christo like entity

Cleric Character Concepts

Brother/Sister of the Poor Knights of the Morningstar:
Cleric (Healing), Folk Hero Background
Despite the name your order is not actually a knightly order, but rather a group of mendicant clerics dedicated to ministering to the poor and alleviating the pain of the sick. The
Recommended Feat: Healer

Lieutenant Inquisitor of the Order of Lathander’s Merciful Grace
Cleric (Light), Urban Bounty Hunter Background
As part of a dogmatic effort to hunt down anyone who would commit heresy to the church, you are granted extra judicary powers to route out the evils of the world and the humans who are allowing them to thrive. Thus far you have executed an old woman
Recommended Feat: Observant


Preferred Archetype: None
Overall clerics will be better suited for the campaign, the Druids of the Old World belong to something far older, and far more terrifying than the standard Dungeons and Dragons Druid.

The Faithful

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