Preferred Archetype: None
Discouraged Archetypes: All (while the idea of magic as a rare gift suits casters in a low magic world well none of the current sorcerous origins fit Ravenloft)

Preferred Archetype: Fiend, Undying, Old One
Discouraged Archetypes: Fey (not the worst, but not completely on genre)

Warlock Character Concept:

The Occultist Comte/Comtess de St. Angvain:
Warlock Charlatan background.
Despite calling yourself Countess/Count you have no claims to the lands of St. Angvain. In your travels trying to infiltrate high society you have preyed on nobles gullibility as one versed in antiquities. However one patron of yours gave you access to a book of occult lore of the Pharonic Gods of the fallen ancient kingdom of Ej-tep. Is your patron the mummified god king Imhotep (Undying), falcon-headed spirit of the Sun’s Vengeance Heru-Seker (fiend), Winged lady of Magic and the Night Sky Ish-ta (Fey), or jackal-headed lord of secrets Tehuti (great old one) .
Recommended Feat: Actor

Preferred Archetype: Illusion, Abjuration, Divination, Necromancy, Enchantment, Transfiguration, Conjuration
Discouraged Archetypes: Bladesinging, Evocation (blasty wizards are more high fantasy)

Wizard Character Concept:

Apprentice to the Vanished Court Wizard of the Queen of Brythonia
Wizard with the Courtier background
A bookish child of a minor house you have raised to great status when your natural talent to a vanished art resulted in your apprenticeship to Edward Veer the Courts Wizard of Royal Apointment. When the adventure starts you are searching for news of your master who was on a diplomatic assignment to the Holy Empire of Burgundria. Was your vanished mentor an alchemist (transmuter) who is hoping to develop a philosopher’s stone for the royal treasury, a seer who aides the queen’s military and divines the future of grain prices (school of divination), or a grim scholar of the mysteries behind the other side, (necromancer) hated and feared by the populace, but considered invaluable by the queen who is fascinated by the mystic for some unknown purpose.
Recommended feat: Alert


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