Curse of Strahd

Session 0

Enter the mists

The Duchess Morwen of Altbourg asked for the help of two very different sets of companions. Two Witch Hunters and the apprentice of Edward Veer and a librarian who investigates occult secrets of lost Ej-Tep, and her partner a pugilist with criminal connections.

The help she required was to rid her town of a traveling group of Vistani. The heroes met with their leader Stanimir who told them of a curse over their lord Strahd. The companions agreed to seek out whatever strange curse befell Strahd and meet with Madam Eva. After a several day journey they found themselves stray through a strange mist. After they crossed the gates into the land of Barovia they realized that they had been trapped and would not be able to leave.

In the woods they came across a dead body that held a letter similar to one given to Cullen a few days earlier. Both claimed to be from the Burgomeister of the Village of Barovia.

They passed the village of Barovia but continued straight through to the Tser Pool encampment where they met Madam Eva who foretold the future in a Tarokka card reading. It revealed the locations of three treasures the heroes must encounter, an enemy of Strahd they would have to recruit, and where the final confrontation with Strahd would take place. After the reading she warned them that in addition they would need to hone their abilities and skills and were not powerful enough yet to face Strahd. The companions only next clue was the strange letters allegedly from the Burgomaster of the Village of Barovia, and Ireena Kolyana. They made their way back to the village to investigate.


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